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Take Back Your New Jersey Electric Rates

Did you realize that your New Jersey electric rate actually consists of two different charges? There is one charge for the delivery of your electricity, which means getting it into your home, and there is another for the actual electric supply company. You may not be able to control which company controls the power lines that go into your home, but you do have a say in who supplies those cables with electricity.
At New Jersey Power and Light, we are a third-party, independent electricity provider, and we are able to offer extremely competitive rates to homes and businesses in New Jersey. Say no to energy monopolies and say yes to having control over your electric rates.

We Make it Effortless to Change New Jersey Electricity Providers

If you are ready to have a say in your electric rates while being treated like a VIP, then it is time to switch to New Jersey Power and Light as your New Jersey electric supply company. The process is simple, with no pause in service, no equipment to purchase, and no installation fees. Don’t wait to lower your monthly expenses; see which energy plan is right for you and make the switch today.

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What is New Jersey energy deregulation and how can it help?

Energy deregulation in New Jersey sounds more complicated than it is. Just substitute the word “choice” for “deregulation” and the concept is clear. In New Jersey, some residents have the right to choose their electricity and natural gas providers rather than being stuck paying rates from traditional utilities.
What has not changed with deregulation in New Jersey is the operation of electricity infrastructure. Your local utility still owns, operates, and maintains the distribution network for electricity, and the electricity you receive will be the same, regardless of who supplies it. You should not experience any interruptions or change in quality of your service if you decide to purchase energy from a retail electric provider. If all this is new to you, don’t despair. About two-thirds of your neighbors don’t know about energy deregulation either, even though it has been around since 2002.

How difficult is it to switch?

It isn’t difficult at all! Simply pick your plan, choose your term length and sign up with your new provider through New Jersey Power and Light and we will arrange the switch for you. There should be no interruption of power, and you don’t need to be present for the switch to be made.

Do I have to get another meter? Will there be more electric lines?

No and no. Your electricity will still be delivered by the same utility. It will come over the same lines and go through the same meter. Your bill also will still come from the same exact utility company. The only difference is the name of the company that supplies the electricity – and the price you pay for it.

Is energy deregulation in New Jersey popular?

More than 3 million New Jersey residents and business owners have made the switch to deregulated electricity and/or natural gas. Those folks have taken control of their energy costs.
You owe it to yourself and your bank account to exercise choice – especially when there could be better prices out there for your electricity and natural gas. Enter your ZIP code below and see whether you can start saving on your rates.

NO interruption in serviceNO equipment to buyNO installation fees